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Title : Violinist Efrem Zimbalist & Soprano Alma Gluck ~ Le Nil (1912)
Duration : 4:23
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Husband & Wife / Violinist Efrem Zimbalist (1890-1985) / Soprano Alma Gluck (1884-1938) / Le Nil (Leroux) / Rosario Bourdon - piano / Recorded: February 19, 1912 --

LE NIL / Xavier Henri Napoleon Leroux (1863-1919)

Les eaux du Nil, toutes pâles, s'écoulent
Sous les étoiles de la nuit,
Des sphinx, aux bords, sur deux rangs se déroulent...
Au milieu, notre barque fuit.

Le bienaimé, s'accoudant sur la proue,
Laisse errer sur moi son oeil doux;
Moi, renversant la tête, je secoue
Mes cheveux d'or sur ses genoux.

Et les grands sphinx, dans la plaine infinie,
Nous regardant passer près d'eux,
Confusément versent une harmonie,
Qui tombe en amour sur nous deux.


Beautiful all round - Thanks (2ndviolinist)

What violinist could get away with those slides nowadays? Her singing and breath control though are stunning. We collectors go after fabled rarities and pay 100s for them and the joke is many of them aren't a third as good as this. Some pretty awful.

Haunting, beautifully mesmerizing. Thank you, dear Doug. (SuperLuckydream)

Gluck was a great beauty and it must have been something to see as well as hear her sing like this! Zimbalist's playing, with his bygone-age style of restrained vibrato and UNrestrained portamento (the exact opposite of todays!) is quite heavenly too. I love this mélodie, which Ninon Vallin also sang so well. A great posting. Thanks, Douglas. (AulicExclusiva)

I always love Gluck's singing, and this piece is no exception. Her beautiful and unusual timbre, sense of line and style, and musicianship come to the fore in this selection. Thank you, Doug, for posting. (meltzerboy)

After listening to Gluck's sublime singing, it is not surprising she was such an
influential artist despite her short career! Beautiful interplay between voice, violin
and piano!  Thank you! (Kievest)

Nice partnering by the "lovebirds". (Bivolari)


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