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Title : Arabic / Indi Mix (EDM, TRAP, DUBSTEP)
Duration : 21:33
Channel : MonsCraftian
Uploaded : 2014-08-29 17:49:05
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Arabic / Indi Mis (EDM, TRAP, DUBSTEP)

Second Part:


First I have to say that i really like this type of music, Arabic or Islamic but mixed with trapstyle, edm or dubstep. If you know any song of this style you can share with me and i probably include it in the next video ;).

Next Arab Mix:
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1. 1:28 Zepidix - EGYPT
2. 4:30 Haterade x Skellism - TALIBAN
3 5:40 Bad Catholics - Astapor
4 9:00 Bowie - Know My Name
5 10:50 Elliphant - Only Getting Younger ft. Skrillex
6 13:55 Jumpa x Reddy Roc - YALLAH
7 16:00 SESA - AiAiAi
8 18:45 Tropkillaz - Dopeman Please

1.- He is a Spanish productor he has other good songs you can watch his channel ZEPIDIX
8.- F**king Artist of Trap genre, you must try it.

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